Completed Projects

WildWood Farms LLC

Mill Street Ex. 
Middleton, MA 

Mill Street Ex. is a private, 40 acre parcel with 11 individual lots and one large open space. The open space lot is used for recreation with walking trails abutting Essex County Green Belt Open Land Association. 

Bay Custom Homes LLC

Ross Lane
Middleton, MA

The following homes were built by Bay Custom Homes LLC on Ross Lane. 

Currently Under Construction (Sold)

The following homes on Campbell Road, Devonshire Road, Ingalls Way and Jones Road were built in the mid 90's by Brent McKenelley and Bay Custom Homes. 

Campbell Road
Middleton, MA

Devonshire Road
Middleton, MA

Ingalls Way
Middleton, MA

Essex Pond Estates 
Jones Road
Middleton, MA

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